What's New at Our Practice?:

What's New in Dentistry at Our practice for patient care:

At Sanjivani Dental Implant, Laser Gum Treatment & Multispeciality Dental Treatment Centre, we constantly aim to upgrade with latest technology in dentistry for Evidence based solutions.

We are pleased to inform that we have upgraded our clinic premises with world class equipments with sole aim to provide ultimate in diligent patient care and for long term predictable & successful results of our treatment.

We are proud to mention that at present we are THE ONLY IMPLANT-LASER CENTER in entire saurashtra-kutch region to have such high standards of equipments to provide world class dental treatments to all our domestic as well as international patients. (As of December 2011)


As we all are aware that how important is the sterilization process in any kind of medical/dental treatment to prevent cross contamination and prevention of any disease from patient to patient. Patient and medical staff must be protected by safe and reliable hygiene measures to do justice to the demands of medical due diligence.

Why a "Class B" autoclave?

The European workgroup by the EU commission has passed the European Standard EN 13060 in the course of the harmonization of different national sterilization standards. The standard divides autoclaves into the classes "B", "S", "N". "Class B" is the highest class conforming to the most stringent demand and therefore can be unrestirctedly used for the sterilization of all possible loads used in medical practices and for all kind of sterilization packaging. A "Class - B" autoclave must in any case pass a Helix test with a test specimen as per EN 13060:2001. According to expert opinion, that can only be achieved with a fractionated pre-vacuum procedure. The autoclaves fo this class conform to "Class-B" requirements and are therefore absolutely future-safe. For more information visit: www.melag.com




2. Diode soft tissue Laser - Picasso:

 Diode laser is one of the most useful tool in today's eveidence based approach to treat gum disease and treatent of infection around implants. According to the availability of present day scientific literature, an introduction of diode laser to the diseased gum sites can result up to 89-95? reduction of bateria and help in fastest healing process. Also we are able to perform stitchless, clean and painless gum surgery and complete erradication of all bacteria. The major advantage is Laser whitening (Laser bleaching) of teeth in just an hour and you can have sparkling white teeth!! For more details visit:www.amdlasers.com


Diode Laser: AMD Lasers - Picasso (USA)


3. Ultrasonic Piezo Bone Surgery Unit - Piezotome:

Piezotome can be used for finer and more secure surgical treatment of implant therapy and mainly used for Sinus bone grafting and sinus lift technique for posterior implant placement ( back side of jaw - chewing teeth). It is one most advance bone procurement system todate for less traumatic bone surgery which help in lower post-operative pain and discomfort. Also it help in utilizing person's own bone particles which is used for bone grafting procedure around implants so that more predictable results are achieved. Piezotome is a power ultrasonics generator for pre-implant surgery and conventional bone grafting procedures used in gum disease treatment. For more details visit:www.piezotome.com



4. Carl Zeiss Dental Operating Microscope for Microsocope Enhanced Dentistry: