Testimonials of Patients

Mrs. Pallavi Malkan - Middx - UK: Mr. Buch & Mrs. Buch are very thorough in their knowledge and surgical procedures. I had undergone replacement of my back chewing teeth with 7 implants. the surgery also is very clean and being run in a most latest professional manners. We are very pleased with their professional attitude towards their work. very much impressed.

Mr. Dee Lakhani - Harrow - Middx - UK:  Dental clinic is very modern, all staff are pleasant, atmosphere is execellent. The whole clinic is clean. I had 2 implantation done and i would strongly recommend to anyone who is planning to have implant done. Dr. Nigam Buch is very friendly, supportive, very experienced- I had him talk with my nephew in UK who is also a dentist before i agreed to have implant done.

Mrs. Nutan Joshi -Cardington square- Hounslow- UK: very friendly, excellent friendly atmosphere & very good supportive staff. clean/hygenic & most highly recommended. I had under gone implantation in upper jaw with sinus surgey procedure. Mr. Buch is highly experienced and even my denitst in UK appreciated his work and he recommened few of his patients Mr. Buch's name for implant procedure in India.

Sister Anjali John - Holy spirit Convent - Indore- M.P (India): very good surgical care, professionalisum, kind doctor & staff, good infrastructure, good results. efficient and knowledgeable docotor who is very innovative. one has the ability to instill confidence in the patient. Bravo!Doctor!!. May god bless him for all good work.

Sudhir N. Mandalia- Sau. Kalakendra society- Rajkot: very good and highly satisfactory surgical work, good neatness, cleanliness, supprotive staff behaviour, overall highly satisfied. Thanks to Dr. Nigam and Dr. Hetal for taking care of wife for her gum problem and root canal therapy.

Hitesh Kotadia- Kingston church road- Leicester:   the best s ervices received from Mr + Mrs Buch, at only short notice and very professional. we recommend them to any one for excellent dental work. www.cupidhomes.co.uk

Nishit Ghelani, Tirupati Pertroleums, Rajkot: my root canal was thoroughly an educative experience. Things i get impressed with are: constant education on the process, complete care in ensuring a pain free treatment, good support staff, high customer/patient focus. overall an excellent experience. Allowing the patient to see the entire treatment vide mirror or a LCD screen/camera is a thorough experience. Hoping for a happy future.

Mr. K. B Tanna & Mrs. Hansa Tanna, East Barnet, HERTS, UK: very good service & makes it very comfortable. Helpful and not aggressive people. Hansatanna1@hotmail.com  

Mr. Hitesh Gotecha, Iranhoe street, Vancouver, Canada: State of the Art Clinic. One word is more than enough to describe "EXCELLENT" in all every services.

Dr. Sudhir Bhimani - Cardiologist & Mrs. Reena Bhimani, Hill berg appartment, Rajkot: very good services. I had undergone multiple dental treatment including full mouth gum surgery, root canal treatment and ceramic crowns. staff is very good and supportive.

Mr. Dilip Vadher & Mrs. Bhavna Vadher (Barkingside, Essex, UK):  A sincere thanks for all my treatment and excellent service by Mr. Buch. I would be oblidged to recommened any one in UK for  dental treatment. Made us so comfortable. The treatment was not painful at all. Thanks very much.

Mrs. Jaswanti Shera 3217, Noble LM, Garland TX (Texas , USA): I underwent placement of 2 implants as it was also advised to me in USA. doctor gave me teeth within one month time because of good healthy bone and i could enjoy my son's wedding. Very good service and good time management. Thanks.

Mr. Jayant Kamdar 19, Brookside Rd, Sullagunna, NJ (USA): excellent service, very neat surgery, will recommend to any one. Staff is excellent, clean & neat office. Doctor takes very good care of patients. I underwent implantation procedure for my missing chewing teeth. 

Mr. Raj Visana, 45 greenways, abbots longley, Herts. UK: very kind & caring clinic. Doctors & Staff excellent with service & efficiency.

Mr. Mehul S. Shah, Oscar Towers A/64, silver stone society, 150 ft ring road, Rajkot: we are very pleased with your kind nature and we feel completeness of our treatment with great satisfaction. You are very helping and caring. thanks.

Mrs. Rekha Dattani, 1, Lincoln street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2OEB: Mr. & Mrs. Buch, first i was very scared but after we meet you, i feel nice and relaxed. i am really thankful to you both for all treatments. would like to visit again and again.

Ms. Jyoti Mandalia, illford, essex, IG275Y, London : A special thanks to both Dr. Hetal Buch & Dr. Nigam Buch. They have insightful knowledge of the process of treatment. I underwent placement of ceramic veneers (lumineers) to make my teeth even to improve smile. the process was not painful at all and gave advise also on how to maintain after treatment. Made me feel very welcome & will also be definately recommending to every one!!

Suresh P. Laxmidas, Helperby Road, Willsden, London NW10. 2GD: My special thanks to staff and Dr. Nigam who performed my Implant Surgery so well that i did not feel any pain or any other problem. I thank Dr. Nigam and pray Lord Krishna to give him Prosparity. Many Thanks.

Prafula B. Balia, Bawdsey Avenue, New Bury Park, Ilford, Essex IG2 7TN: Mr & Mrs. Buch, I am very happy with your services. You gave me very good treatment and your staff is very good. Dr. Buch did my implantation procedure with well explanation about entire treatment, cost and then he placed 9 implants in my jaws. I did not have any pain or any problem after surgery. I will come back for my teeth stage after 6 months. Your services are remarkable. I will never forget you. Thanks.

Ms. Prachi Rathi, Jetpur, Rajkot Dist: I am very happy the way treatment done was simply great. thanks.

Mayur & Hemaxi Popat, Lisbon - Portugal: Both doctors are divine. Giving us really good treatment. We like hearing morning divine music and all staffs are co-operative and they are doing their job with 100% dedication. Thanks and best regards.

Dr. Ashok Patel- 36  Dory Drive, Capemay Court House, NJ 08210 USA: Dr. Nigam & Dr. Hetal Buch are excellent dentist, knowledgeable, with excellent service. Staffs are also very good. Explanied everything in Details. I highly recommend for any kind of dental service. I had root canal & Zirconia ceramic crown done and also composite treatment.

Mr. Khodidas Shrikant Polra- 31, Boulevard Joffve, TAMATAVE, Madagascar: Very professional approach. High class personal staff. I underwent 2 implantation and few crowns and root canal treatment. excellent work. nothing more to say. Good job done. thanks.

Mrs. Bhavna Chandarana-  67, Walton Ave, 5th Harrow, Middx, HA2 8QY, UK: mr & mrs Buch, I am really glad that i came here to "Sanjivani", i didnt know that i could sit on this dental chair and had my treatment done. My experience for Implant treatment was very informative, smooth and pain less. I was told by other dentist that i need very major surgery under sadation but when i came here to  your clinic you had made be worry free and relaxed. excellent work, greetings always. Doctors and staffs are very good. Good work 100 out of 100 marks to this clinic. Bhavna.

Mr. P. R. Sakarwadia, Alap Senctury, Kalavad Road, Rajkot: Mr and Mrs Buch's nature is very good. They give excellent services to patient and give accurate diagnosis and treatment. I have taken many hours of treatment for my full mouth rehabilitation - but i have never felt tired or boring to come here and always enjoyed my treatment part. They listen to patient very carefully and with patience, that is what makes them different then others. My treatment went off very well without much of complaints. clinic is also very modern, clean and staffs are very co-operative. Thanks. Sakarvadia - 15.10.10


Mrs. Jyoti Parmar, 495, Kenton Road, Harrow, Middlesex, U.K: Good job - received many compliments from other people about job well done by doctors. Thank you. Jyoti.


Mr. Shashi Pabari, Leicester, UK: Excellent work done for me and my son. I found them very gentle and good in every manner. I would like to come here again and again for my dental work. It was recommended by my cousin and uncle in Rajkot.

Mr. Mahendra C. Savjani, P. O. Box 1446,, Blantyse, Malawi: excellent service, very satisfied with the treatement given. Thanks

Mr. Ansukh P. R. Chudashma, 58 Monega Road, London ET 8EW: Excellent service and was very good treatment. The job was done very well. Staff is very friendly. Thanks all of you.

Mr. Dhirajlal Dasani, Hayes, London: Dr. Nigam and Dr. Hetal Buch, thank you so much to you and your staff for your kindness and helpfulness and excellent service you have provided to me and my sister heena. i shall recommend all my friends and family from UK for your wonderful service. Thanks.

Mr. Harshad L. Chauhan: Dr. Nigam to me? --- very natural and kind. No showoff. good work. thanks.

Mr. Manilal Dattani, Birmingham, UK: I met Dr. Nigam for implant treatment. Having diabetes was not controlled so not suggestive to have them done for my good interest. He suggested to have the bridge replaced. Very impressive and very happy with the treatment. A dr. to be remembered and will recommed any one of his genuine approach towards treatment.

Mr. Binod Patel, Gurgaon, Haryana (binodpatel@yahoo.co.in): I hav postponed surgery for my wife for quite a long time in order to get this surgery done in gujarat instead of Haryana. I have visited Dr. Nigam's clinic and was quite impressed with the cold headed treatmed that he provides to his patients. His calmness and through knowledge in his field makes him suited to be a genuine and excellent personality in his field. I wish him all the best in his endeavour to serve this society.

Mr. Yogendra, Souchatle, Southempton UK: My short & sweet experience with a very professional dentist is worth a recommend. Very Satisfied.

Mrs. Pratikcha Popat & Gulab Popat, Warwik Ave, Harrow, Middx, UK:    Very happy with Nigam when we saw him. Happy with the service and the treatment. Thanks

Mrs. Anjali Patani, Maputo - Mozambique: I very happy to receive treatment for my swallon gums from dr buch and his staff. I am greatful to them for their utmost co-operation and care and very much pleased. May god bless them for all their endevors.

Mr. Vallabh Kataria ( Balaji Wafers) - suggestion to keep surgery and OPD time separate.

Mrs. Sumatiben Bhalodi, 13387,Merry Oaks St. Victorville. CA. USA: I was suffering from bleeding gums, pus formation in gums since last 6-7 years. My husband's friend Dr V. C Ramani from Upleta recommended Dr Buch's consultation and further treatment. After getting treated by Dr. Buch for this long standing problem i started recovering very fast. Dr Buch is a very simple human with kindness, good surgical acumen... and gives advise in patient's good interest. He gives lot of possitve suggestions to patient to boost up my faith in treatment and made me fearless. His surgical fees are also reasonable and much less compared to specialist in US. His staff is also well behaved. Thanks to every one from bottom of my heart. Sumati.

Mrs. Alpa . K. Supeda, Kalavad road, Rajkot: i was suffering from gum disease since last 3 years. had pain and bleeding from gums with swelling. i underwent gum surgery here at Sanjivani from Dr. Nigam Buch and to my surprise every pain and suffering were vanished. His surgical hand is excellent. He is a kind heart person.

Mrs. Rita Kotecha, 1640 Mansell road, greenford, Middx, London - UB6 9EH: very friendly staff. very professional and informative. The clinic was very clean and easy to find in term of location. (ritak21@hotmail.com)

Mrs. Harshida Mehta, 57, Roy Gardens, Illford, Newbury Park, Essex, IG2 7QG: it was a excellent service. very hygienic and professional sevice. All the staffs are very friendly and approachable. it has been very good service to patient and also very helpful for all the information given. (harshida1958@yahoo.co.uk)

Yogesh Joshi, Arihant Appartment, Krishna society, Rajkot (contact 9909908999): it was great pleasure to get treatment from "SANJIVANI". Pure human being approach and result oriented treatment given to me. The best of the best & memorable experience in my life. May God's divine blessings with you and your hospital family. 

Usha G Bhatt, "USHA" bunglow, street no 7, sainagar, kalvad road, Rajkot: i have undergone implant treatment done by dr nigam. i have also undegone root therapy done by dr hetal and also have done ceramic teeth fitting done. sir hand is gentle and all staffs are very kind and helpful.



Dr Michelle Sheth, Assistant Professor dept of Anesthesia and Pediatrics, Batson Hospital for Children,  Jackson MS (USA):



Dr Buch, Greetings. As I sit in the Frankfurt airport waiting for my flight to the USA, I reflect on the past two weeks visiting relatives after twenty years ,an extensive oral surgery,and spending quality time with aging parents. It  has been quite a trip! I wanted to send this email to thank you for your expertise,efficiency ,and express how grateful I am to have received your care for my dental needs.

 It is said that the greatest compliment a physician can receive in his professional career is recognition from own's colleagues. Too often poor performance receives attention and superlative work goes unnoticed. I wanted to recognize you as an exceptional physician in many ways. (1) I was so impressed by your surgical precision.I did notice there were no re do's,and the implants were perfect every time. This comes from astute clinical decision making and a standard of excellence.  (2) I noticed a virtual bloodless surgical field which  comes with tactile skill present in only the best surgeons. I work with dental surgeons who do extractions prior to valve replacements in children, and it is often a bloody mess when they are done.... (3) Your calm demeanor relieves anxiety and enlists trust  from your patients almost immediately. (4) Your attention to sterile technique is appreciated ,and your (5) patience with your staff is commendable, something I will try and emulate when I return to work. Thank you for addressing my concerns and the exceptional care I received. The implant sites are healing well and the temporary teeth look great.


Finally, I tell my residents in training that I speak to parents for five minutes and then take their most precious gift away (child) with the promise to care for them and safely give them back. It is a huge responsibility and I want them to remember that when they leave the training program. In the same way you have your patient's self image and confidence in your hands and this is also a huge responsibility. I can tell that you have the same work ethic and integrity in your practice. I hope the fellow watching you carry that with him when he leaves as well. Thanks again and so grateful I have caring parents that led me to your care.



Kind regards. 


Michelle Sheth MD 

Assistant Professor dept of Anesthesia and Pediatrics

Director of Ped CV Anesthesia services

Children's heart center 

Batson Hospital for Children 


Jackson,MS 39216 


received via email.


 Mrs. Rekha Ratia , 15, Wolverton Road, NewPort Pagnell, Miltonkeynes, M. K 168BG - I am very happy with the people working in this place and the doctors are nice. so i will tell everybody to come here!!

Juliette Uberschlag, Luzern, Switzerland - This is a very good clinic here. All the employes and also Mister and Misses Buch, they make perfect job. Normally i dont like dentists, but here i felt very comfortable and am in good hands. Thank You!! I will come again!!

Leena Hirani, Melbourne, Australia: Thank you so much for fixing the discoloration in my teeth ! Amazing white teeth now!! I definitely visiting again for my all dental needs.