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Dental surgeon - dentist working,

Dental implants,

Cosmetic dentistry,

Periodontal Surgery (Gum surgery) and Treatment for infected Gum diseases,

Zirconia CAD CAM Crowns (Metal Free ceramic crowns)

Root canal treatment,

Laser assisted gums surgery, Laser bleaching,

Laser treatment of infection around implants,

Lumineers, Ceramic Veneers,

Smile Make Over, Tooth whitening 

and other services that we offer. and also let you visit common dental conditions, treatments and more.

Remember, the information we provide is not meant to replace an actual diagnosis for a problem you may be having. Specialist dentists, like Dr. Nigam Buch and Dr. Hetal Buch are one of the qualified dental professionals available to assess your needs and to guide you accordingly. If you have any question please give us a call today to know more about treatment or to take appointment!

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